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3 Circles Energy Consultants Limited

Sustainable Adventure Experiences & Photo-Souvenirs to Energize the Body, Mind & Spirit


Are you curious about:

  • Empowering Yourself and Others
  • Exploring Places and Cultures
  • Connecting with Other Like-Minded People and Growing Your Network
  • Actively Contributing to Responsible Tourism
  • Having an Awesome Escapade?

Then let 3 Circles Energy Consultants Limited help you to make this a reality. We design personalized travel experiences (with or without life-coaching) to energize the body, mind and spirit so you live purposefully and passionately.

Del Cuore Designs, our merchandise brand, offers a wide range of photo products for sale. Click on the links below to shop online.

Contact us today to find out more about our upcoming events, designing a personalized itinerary or our brand merchandise.

Remember Adventure is waiting to be experienced!!!

Thank you for visiting.