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3 Circles Energy Consultants Limited

Sustainable Adventure Experiences & Photo-Souvenirs to Energize the Body, Mind & Spirit

Our Concept

Everything is interconnected.

Our bodies, minds and spirits work together. The quality of the air, water and food we consume has an impact on our being. How we treat each other, and our environment also influences us. Similarly, we are affected by what surrounds us – other people, plants, animals, land, water, earth, our solar system, the Universe.

The desire to strengthen self through learning from and helping others is the inspiration for 3 Circles Energy Consultants Limited. Our world now revolves around the concept of instant gratification at any cost. It is my hope that through our personalized packages which focus on responsible tourism, clients are able to connect more deeply within, while immersed in different situations, and emerge as more resilient versions of themselves.

Maintaining health and safety, building evolving stakeholder relationships and contributing to meeting the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are fundamental personal objectives and are built into all 3 Circles Energy events.

Sincere gratitude is extended to those who have been supporting this venture since inception. And to you, our potential client, thank you for permitting 3 Circles Energy to be part of your journey. Please have a look at what we have planned for the coming months, access our online stores via the links below, contact us to design something specific to your needs or to share your feedback.

Keep radiating that which is within,


What makes Marianne Unique?

These are some of my achievements which enable me to provide the highest quality of service to my clients:

* Certified Life Coach

* Caribbean and Latin America’s ONLY Certified Representative for the Zichy Color Q Personality Profiling system

* First-Aid/CPR Certified

* Defensive Driving Certified

* Basic Sea Survival Certified

* Incident Command System (ICS) Certified Emergency Responder

* Trinidad and Tobago Environmental Conservation Volunteer

* Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System Developer

* Risk Management Advisor

* Internationally recognized nature photographer

Please feel free to contact me for more details. Thank you!