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3 Circles Energy Consultants Limited

Sustainable Adventure Experiences & Photo-Souvenirs to Energize the Body, Mind & Spirit

A Lopinot Christmas

Have you ever experienced Christmas in Lopinot?

Well, here’s your opportunity on December 12th to catch the Christmas spirit as you experience the magic of this village.

Learn more about the history of this valley and its role in the early days of the cocoa and coffee industry. Feast on the ‘food of the Gods’ while dancing the cocoa beans to the sounds of live parang. You may even have the chance to see the Count of Lopinot himself as we tour the estate!

The cost to join this event is TT$350 per person.

What's included in your "A Lopinot Christmas" Package:

* Tour of the Lopinot Estate

* Learn how chocolate is made

* Opportunity to 'Dance the Cocoa'

* Live Parang

* Refreshments-drinks (water, cocoa tea) and lunch

* Chocolate and Cocoa Wine Tasting

* Opportunity to purchase more Lopinot Chocolate Company Ltd products- beverages, more chocolate, arts and crafts

* Certified First Aider

All applicable health and safety protocols will be in effect.

To register, please email [email protected] or message us here.

We look forward to hosting you on December 12th!

Tamana Cacao Adventure

Are you curious about how that beloved chocolate you are so fond of is created?

Join us for our Tamana Cacao (Cocoa) Adventure on November 20th at 10am at Tamana Mountain Chocolate, Mundo Nuevo, for a world class experience.

Tamana Mountain Chocolate is internationally recognized for its cocoa, having been the recipient of the International Cocoa Awards in 2019. Join us to learn why.

This event is designed for a small group at a cost of TT$350 each.

What's Included in your "Tamana Cacao Adventure" Package:

* Visit to nearby cocoa field with chance to harvest mature cocoa pods

* Cracking of Cocoa Pods

* Visit to the Drying House and Hummingbird Carat Shed

* Viewing of the Fermentation Boxes

* Visit to the Chocolate Room

* Tour of the Mundo Nuevo Heritage Museum

* Refreshments-drinks (water, juice, cocoa tea) and light lunch

* Chocolate Tasting

* Take home package with chocolate and a loaf of freshly baked Dirt Oven Bread.

* Opportunity to purchase more Tamana Mountain Chocolate products- cream, soap, alcoholic beverages, more chocolate

* Certified First Aider

All applicable health and safety protocols will be in effect.

To register, please email [email protected] or message us here. Payment for this event can be made at our online store Spaces are limited so be sure to let us know soon.

We look forward to hosting you on November 20th!